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Hitachi ZX300LCH-7 Excavator

TMC Scale Models 1/50 Scale


Hitachi ZX300LCH-7 Excavator


• Condition: Brand New - Unopened Box


• European specification tracked undercarriage with tensioned idler wheels

• Lower roller detailing integrated into the track frame castings

• Each track pad has raised grousers and bolt detailing

• Large upper engine bay cover is hinged, lifting to reveal the very impressive internals of the engine bay

• Engine block, cooling system, and exhaust all replicated

• Metal safety railings and black printed anti-slip panels with raised texture

• Door can be opened a full 180 degrees to reveal the very impressive interior

• Multi-colored interior includes joysticks, tracking levers, and foot controls

• Boom, stick, and bucket linkage have an authentic range of movement

• Hydraulic line detailing includes an auxiliary supply on the stick and armoured hoses

• All pin heads and ends of the piston rods have been painted

• Accurate placement of the various warning markings and machine designation

Hitachi ZX300LCH-7 Excavator

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